Mint Chocolate Marble Cake (Aero Inspired)

I really enjoy replicating chocolate bars into cakes and bakes and for some reason I found myself obsessing over creating an Aero inspired loaf cake.  And lately I've been speaking to my nan a lot and reminiscing about when me and my brother were little and we spoke about when she used to make us marble cake all the time - we loved it so much; hence this cake. Yup, this is a mint chocolate marble cake. HIYA.

It came out so deliciously moist and soft, everyone who tried it, loved it and said you really wouldn't be able to tell it was gluten free. The only problem I had with it (which drove me INSANE) was the topping I had tried to create to go with it came out looking a little like.. erm.. snot. Yup. Snot. So I scraped it all off and left it topping-less - which to be honest, I think gave a nice moist top to the cake and let the cake speak for itself rather than trying to be all fancy pants!
If you'd like to give this a go (minus the snot topping I imagine) then keep reading! I h…

Pumpkin and Chilli soup

I really do love autumn, it's my favourite time of the year. I love the changing colours, the smells, the fact that everyone wears some shade of orange at some point and above all I love the seasonal food that comes out too. This is just one of the many autumnal recipes I adore.  This is my pumpkin and chilli soup. It really is so easy to make, you could get this cooked within an hour with minimal effort.

I'm really looking forward to hopefully seeing some other people's attempts - so please let me know how you get on! Ingredients; 1 can of Libby's Pumpkin Puree50g of washed split red lentils1 onion finely chopped1 garlic cloves sliced finely750ml water3 tbsp tomato puree1 tsp crushed chillies1 tsp cayenne pepperSalt and pepper to tasteMethod; Fry the onion, garlic and crushed chilli's for a minute in a pan with some 'fry light' or Olive oilAdd the Cayenne pepper, Salt and Pepper and Garlic granules and thoroughly coat the contents of the frying pan.Add the P…

Tesco's Products

Even though I love near one of the largest Tesco store's, it always manages to get the newest free from items last; so if you've already seen these products I do apologise but I'm just so excited at seeing some newbies! Especially the sweet treats; yum. I've noticed a lot of the main stream brands are starting to realise that the free from scene will get them a pretty penny and have started bringing out gluten free versions of their food - you'll see some of these below, unfortunately the price tag always seems to be steeper on the big brands. Hopefully they'll reduce the prices now prescription foods are coming to an end and there is more of a need for their products - but who knows? It could always go the other way... but let's stay positive! Paxo stuffing! Bisto Gravy! 

Tesco's Finest Indulgent Selection I'm excited to try this assortment, the salted caramel and coffee flavoured ones sound SO good, this will definitely take place on the coffee ta…

Schar Waffles!!!!

They smell just like the ones I always crave when we go to Amsterdam and I couldn't be more happy I bought them. I used the 50p off coupon I received in the latest copy of 'Crossed Grain', make sure to check your magazine for the coupon as every little helps when it comes to getting our food a little cheaper; because it certainly adds up over the month!
I found my waffles in Tesco's at £2 for a pack of two, they're very sweet with a slight caramel flavour to them and a gorgeous crispy outside with a soft inside.
I smothered them in Smooth Peanut butter on one and Strawberry Jam on the other - Delicious! I have two waffles left; any votes on what I should top them with??
Has anyone found the waffles anywhere other than Tesco? How much did you pay?

New products found in co-op

I never usually go into co-op so apologies if these have already been found by many of you! I was happily surprised to find a selection of pasta sauces marked as Gluten Free and a few curry essentials too! I also noticed that in most of their Indian Curry sauces there were no gluten containing ingredients OR may contain warnings, meaning - even more products for us! Below are just the ones that I found that stated Gluten Free (before my phone ran out of storage space)! I'll keep adding to this page when I see gluten free bits and bobs in co-op.
Co-op 8 Plain Poppadums What curry would be complete without these bad boys?!
Co-op Mango Chutney. If you're anything like me, a jar will only last you through one curry!!!
Co-op Bolognese Pasta Sauce How easy will your Spag Bol be now on the days where you just want dinner on the table in under half hour?!
Co-op chunky Vegetable Pasta Sauce. What I love the most about these pasta sauces is that they're the same price as their regular …

Christmas Cheer

It's that time of year when the Christmas food starts making it's arrival and if you're anything like me - you've already started to burrow away in time for the big day!

Already, in my tiny little freezer I have; four individual portions of apple crumble, one chocolate gateau and an apple pie, all reduced and all ready in time for Christmas!

I can't help it, I'm obsessed with Christmas and I'm a self titled bargain hunter. I can sniff a bargain out like a bloodhound. That is no exaggeration; trust me, I inherited this marvellous skill from my beautiful and savvy mother.
I'll be sure to keep you all updated on any gluten free deals and offers on Christmas food, but in the meantime have a look at the most recently released Gluten Free Christmas food that I've found so far.
All food below is either specifically labelled as Gluten Free, or contains no Gluten/Wheat ingredients and carries no 'may contain' warning, as always though please do chec…