It's been a while!

A lot has happened in the past year, and this time last year I had to sacrifice a few things in order to put my health first - one of them being my blog! 

I couldn't spare any mental energy on something that I felt wouldn't help me physically so jumped into swimming instead and put my cooking and in effect my blog, on the back burner.

Now that I'm feeling like I'm on the right track (and 19lbs lighter than this time last year) I feel it's a good time to throw myself back into cooking regularly rather than shoving a gluten free ready meal in the microwave every day and eating omelettes for lunch!

So here I am! 

I have a few back logged recipes, and a few reviews to do also. 

The upcoming reviews will be for the 'WOW Cake Company' who gave me three cake mixes to bake myself and show you all the outcome...  it will be interesting to say the least as my mother managed to get many a photo of me scraping the remnants of the cake mix from the bowl to devour like a 3 year old sugar fiend!


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